NEFAR Launch
September 9th, 2006

Sugar Dish  - Jimmy.  12 inch Art Applewhite 38mm saucer 

Flight 1, 38-240 motor burning 2 BATES grains rcandy with a little Ti.  Click Here for video
Flight 2, 38-720 motor burning 6 BATES grains rcandy with Ti.   Click Here for video

Rattworks hybrid.  Scott Borders - short "earthy" flight

Click Here for video (6 megs, .wmv file)

Mark's Glider
- Edmonds Aerospace Dee Cee Thunder
Beautiful flight!

Click Here for video (6 megs, .wmv file)

Half Quantum (Leap)
- Gary Dahlke
Amazing.  It flew to nearly 3500 feet and landed within 50 feet of the launch pad.  It even beat my ~300 foot saucer flights for "closest to pad" honors.

Click Here for video (6 megs, .wmv file)

Oh, the tail end of the Sugar Rush was found.  Apparently it did come in ballistic.  Check out the photos.

Jimmy Yawn