NEFAR Launch 11-13-04

A few photos in no particular order...
Click on a small one to bring up a larger version

chris-greg1.jpg gary-greg-steve.jpg greg1.jpg greg-gary.jpg greg-gary2.jpg
greg-gary3.jpg greg-gary4.jpg greg-gary5.jpg headsup.jpg nikebros3.jpg
nikebros4.jpg nikebros5.jpg nikebrothers1.jpg nikebrothers2.jpg nikeprep1.jpg
nikeprep2.jpg nonpartisan.jpg recoveryteam.jpg recovery-team1.jpg recovery-team2.jpg
recovery-team3.jpg recovery-team4.jpg recovery-team5.jpg rocketboys.jpg rocketboys2.jpg
rocketboys3.jpg rocketboys4.jpg

These have been resized for quick download - larger versions available, just let me know!

Jimmy Yawn