Level II Attempt

NEFAR launch, 5/10/03

Red Ariel with Quantum Tube
Aerotech J350 motor in Dr. Rocket 38/720 casing

Click here for .mpg movie of this launch
(1.5 megs, 15 seconds of video)

5 seconds ignition lag, rapid acceleration to maybe 500 feet, early ejection and subsequent mayhem.
Unfortunately, the rocket was off-screen when ejection occurred.

D-minus on the Level II practical exam.
C required to pass.


Dsc00002.jpg Dsc00003.jpg Dsc00004.jpg Dsc00005.jpg Dsc00006.jpg Dsc00008.jpg
Dsc00009.jpg Dsc00010.jpg Dsc00011.jpg Dsc00013.jpg

Apologies that I did not get good shots of the motor casing and its components before cleaning them up.
Best guess is that the delay element, which was a bit loose in its sleeve, somehow let propellant gas blow by.
Or perhaps that the slight gap allowed it to ignite up near the ejection flash-port.
I also wonder about the long ignition delay, which might have burned several seconds' worth of delay prior to pressurization.
Long ignition delay may have been from the ignitor falling down from the head-end to mid-grain prior to ignition.  I thought later that it should have been better-secured.

The fin section and payload/nosecone sections are not severely damaged.
With some replacement tubing and a little work, this Ariel will fly again.

All comments are welcomed!

Jimmy Yawn