INA 125 Instrument Amplifier
for rocket motor test stand
The Box

Project Box Photo - Closed

Cute as this little amp is, it must be hidden.  It needs some protection.  And it's not too cool to have the batteries and connectors dangling about, especially if it is to be taken into the field where the real world might assert itself.

So I followed Steve's lead again and got a "project box" from Radio Shack.  

Here are a couple of pictures:

And yes, it has a lid which screws down to keep all the wires in and some of the rain out.  Good thing.  The cable on my smaller load cell is only about a foot long, so this box is right out there with the motor when it fires.  I usually put something over it before the firing occurs.  No sense risking anything unnecessarily, even if they are kinda fun to make.
Project Box Photo 1
Project Box Photo 2
Even in the box, this little amp doesn't do much by itself.  It needs a load cell, an A/D converter, and a computer within cabling distance.

Four Components
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Jimmy Yawn
Revised 12/3/04